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Creativity fuels creativity

I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity lately. I’m taking part in this amazing online summit in a couple of weeks, and in talking with Anna Acuña, the incredible force behind it, I’m ALL fired up. About creativity. About what makes me crave it. About how I can feed it. About how everyone is creative is some way, and can nuture it.

At my soul, I am a creator. Always have been. It’s who I am. But there are certainly times when I feel less inspired to make, and then other times when I am a creative machine (like right now, holy crap).

What changes?

It seems to me that the down times come when you need a break. You need to rest, let your mind go quiet to make space, to recharge. To find inspiration for whatever’s next, whatever your soul needs. That’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay. It’s good. It’s necessary. Every creative person needs it.

And once you find that inspiration and your creativity gets cranking again…it spills out into all aspects of your life. When I get into a good groove of writing, when my mind is spinning stories, solving plot problems, discovering where the story is taking me, I’m also inspired to try some new recipe or figure out how to make that bag I’ve been eyeing online or discovering a new pattern I want to knit or imagining a set of colors I want to combine in a sweater…or….or…or…

It feels endless (in the BEST possible way). One spike creates another. Creativity fuels creativity. The more I imagine/make/do/create, the more I want to keep creating. The more possibilities I see. The more solutions I come up with. The more I want to do.

It’s an incredible circle of inspiration.

This is all just to say (to borrow Nike’s phrase)…just do it. Start. As you feed your own creativity (in whatever form it takes), it will start to feed itself. And it will fill you up, leading you to places you never imagined yourself to be.

Go there. You’ll love it.


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