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New Year, Same Me

BAMF coverHappy New Year, my friends!

After surviving the madness that is the holidays, I’m trying to get my juggling act under control. Again. Or at least keep all the balls in the air, even if they may veer off course here and there.

Problem is, I keep adding more balls.

Is it just me or do you want to do ALL the things, too? I have knitting projects I’m dying to cast on, sewing I want to try my hand at, painting ideas (I’m not a painter…but that’s never stopped me before), Bliss’s book which is my #1 writing project, coloring books I want to create non-sweary versions of, and a baking blog I am FINALLY starting with my fabulous friend Becky (who has the BEST diy home design/improvement blog on the internet, I kid you not) after talking about doing this for years. You know, amidst the homeschooling, teen writing classes I’m teaching, reading/playing with my kids, spending good time with my husband, and general busy-ness of life.

New year, same me. ;-)

Honestly, though, I *think* I’ve got this. And that feels good. I am a work in progress, however, and I always will be.

I did want to tell you that in September I announced via social media that since my brother died during the month of September, and I therefore consider it F*ck Cancer month, I would be donating 100% of the profits from sales of the F*ck Cancer coloring book. With your help, I was able to donate $700 to Fighting Ependymoma, a charity that funds research to finding a cure for a rare children’s spine/brain cancer. This is the cancer that killed my brother, and it seemed fitting to make my first donation there and in his honor. Thank you for that. More donations will be made to other cancer research charities or non-profits this year.

Hope your year is starting out filled with wonderful plans for all you want to do. <3



4 thoughts on “New Year, Same Me

  1. Becky

    What a fantastic donation, wow, that is impressive!

    Boy is your friend Becky one lucky chick to work with *you* on a baking blog! ;)

    Thanks for the hugest compliment in the world and the link share!

  2. P Meyers

    What an impressive amount to donate in Johns name. You are amazing and John would be so impressed. He would also love the coloring book. He was such a warm and giving person and he loved you so much. You two were often partners in crime. He would be so proud of your writing success. …..just your many many varied successes. I am proud also……M

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