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Five Things

1. My teen writing classes are AMAZING. I am loving working with these kids so much, I can’t even tell you. My two teens have surprised me with their turnaround on writing—this is the class I wish I’d had when I was in high school. It’s the class I wish every teen could have now because these kids are finding their confidence, their voices, and they want to write. I LOVE that.

At the end of the semester, we produced a class magazine that is so full of goodness…my writerly heart is bursting with all the happy words. I wish I could share that with you. But I can share their writings that I posted on our group’s blog about a month ago, and you should totally check them out. Here is the full list of posts. Be prepared, you guys. They’re awesome.

2. Total Bliss (take 2) is coming along BEAUTIFULLY, omg. From the moment I started chapter one over, I knew this was the absolute right decision. It is SO much better, so much more of what I had in mind when I started the first time. I’m trying to carve out time most days to write (and have been *mostly* successful at that) and am feeling so inspired.

3. Add to that the inspiration (and overall gratefulness and teary-happiness) I feel when I get comments like this from people who like my books:

Her original post was about Sarah Title’s books (which I haven’t read yet, but will), and I LOVED what she said about them SO much. Those are the most important aspects of my stories, too. I think we need Smart/Strong Women heroines who don’t put up with anyone’s nonsense and Nice Guy heroes because they’re the best kind of guy to fall for. So I had all the hearts for her post.  And when she said that sweet thing about my books? Literally tears in my eyes. <3

It means SO much—I really cannot express what comments like this do to me. And for me. It’s incredible.

4. I am participating in an online summit in February called Warrior Woman 2018, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s a free online event hosted by Anna Acuña, and it’s all about the powerful practices that an incredible lineup of 22 badass women use to find focus, fuel their creativity, and find inspiration to live life on their own terms. It’s happening February 12-25, and you’ll have access to all of their interviews and some great giveaways. Sign up here!

5. My up-coming baking blog is coming together, I am baking like mad, figuring out how to get the best photos, trying to decide what to bake for my birthday (which will be my first post!), and feeling like it’s patently unfair that I have to chose only one thing because as soon as I start looking, I want to make ALL the things. And I am LOVING working on it with my amazing friend Becky. This is the most fun thing. We’re launching in early February during Birthday Week (our birthdays are two days apart, how fun is that?) so you’ll get to see what Bec made for her birthday and what I made for mine (we are The Bakers in our respective houses, and so the birthday baking falls to us each year). Once our site up up and running, you’ll be the first to know. Soon, my friends!



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