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This Moment

In this moment I am . . .

* enjoying the cool nights and cooler days.

* looking forward to days and nights of wood stove heat ahead.

* getting the kids outside as much as possible on these beautiful days, trying to stockpile expended energy for the winter. (It doesn’t work that way, but oh, how I wish it did.)

* frustrated with my wrists and their determination to not heal on their own.

* thankful for ibuprofen, but wishing I didn’t need it.

* exploring my blogging options. (As you can see.)

* wishing I had more hours in each day. Or a babysitter. Something so I could get the work done that I so desperately want to do without neglecting my family (as keeps happening).

* feeling blessed for having an understanding, supportive, and loving family.

* excited that it’s apple season and looking forward to visiting the apple guy, our local orchard owner, on a weekly basis.

* loving, as I always do, the change of the season into Fall.

What’s going on for you in this moment?

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3 thoughts on “This Moment

  1. Baby by the Sea

    This totally struck a chord with me. When you figure out how to get more hours in a day or a baby sitter to magically appear, please do tell.
    Your picture is wonderful and I’m also spending my time under the sun and storing energy for the grey and wet weather ahead.