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On *not* finding Bliss

tb-smallTotal Bliss is—was—done. Written. Complete. Happily Ever After all wrapped up…but—and this is a BIG but—it’s not up to my high standards. After several revisions, it’s still not quite working for me.  Not good enough. Not my best work, and you guys know I simply cannot put out anything less than my best. And so, I am going to start over. From scratch. Write the whole thing again.

That sounds crazy, right? And I honestly never thought I’d do this. Rewrite an entire book. I know other authors who have done it, and sincerely thought it was a slightly insane thing to do. Why start over? Why not just revise what you have? Work with what you’ve got? I mean, we’re talking about a LOT of words here.

Well, I understand now because what I’ve got doesn’t feel workable. This book needs an overhaul, and starting out fresh feels right. The story won’t change, but the telling of it will.

I’ve got to find my Bliss.

So, when will you see this book? I don’t know. I wish I did! Next year (please, it HAS to be). I’m taking a break through the holidays (if I can stand to not work on it…we’ll see), and will face that first blank page in January. And when Bliss is just the way I want it, you’ll be the first to know.

In the meantime, happy reading, my friends.