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On Coming Back

Hi. I’ve missed you. :-) It’s been a while. I’m coming back to this space, trying to slow my life down a bit, make time to do the things I like doing. Like sharing things with you here.

I think my brother’s death last September affected me in ways I hadn’t realized. It was really hard to come back here and be all “life’s great!” and business-as-usual. It didn’t feel right, in part because, while most of my life was great and business-as-usual (life has this really weird way of continuing after someone dies, that feels simultaneously right AND wrong), my heart was broken.

It still is.


I forget-him-not

As we get closer to the anniversary of his death, I’m still just as stunned that he’s gone. Still trying to adjust to his absence in the world. I still can’t look at pictures of him—or really even think about him—without tearing up. Like right now.

Deep breaths.

So I’ve been keeping busy. Way too busy, actually. :-) Right now, I’m just finishing a whirlwind ride co-writing hot and steamy romance as Jinsey Reese with Victoria Green. Tors and I are writing and editing the fifth and final episode in the Untamed Series (of which the first book, Untamed, is FREE everywhere), which we are wickedly proud of. We’ve been working so hard—plotting, writing, polishing, and publishing over 200,000 words in only 5 months. (I’m slightly incredulous at that number, honestly.) We’re both exhausted and a bit burned out, so we’re taking a little break before starting another serial story this fall.

Anywhere_JR_smallAnd that means I’m going to pick up my sweet and steamy romances again, get going on the companion books to Anywhere. I’m already plotting out a prequel novella to Anywhere that will tell some of Paige’s story, and that I’ll be making free everywhere (in September/October, I think), and then I’ll pick up the companion novel I started in January and finish up that story. I can’t wait to get it done because I love it so much, and I’ve really missed writing low-drama, heart-swelling love stories. They’re my favorite, and I’m excited to get back to it in the coming weeks.

intangible1_smI’m also planning to finish the Intangible series next year. It’s been too long, I know, since I wrote in that world, and I’m really looking forward to discovering the rest of Sera, Luke, Fey, and Jonas’ story. I have ideas, of course, but I won’t know exactly everything that’s going to happen until I sit down and plot it all out chapter by chapter. Just thinking about it right now gets me all excited. :-)

So, this is all just to say that I’m going to be posting here again, about writing and life, and I hope you’ll come around to see what I’m doing and tell me what you’ve been up to lately, too.




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