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Writings Poetic: An Ode to Twitter

From Steve’s pile of poems this week:

An Ode to Twitter

Twitter, I must apologize, as indeed I scoffed at first
Of all the social media, thy format seemed the worst
We call, we chat, we email, but who would want to “tweet”?
Confined within your limits, how could one a thought complete?
But slowly was I drawn in, by the clever twists of phrase
And stayed for conversations, that so often last for days
There’s always someone out there, with a comeback true and quick
And oh, how you have changed the game for those that politic
Yet still there are those people that dismiss you out of hand
Or some that see a tweet or two, and don’t quite understand
Like this from someone’s mother about what she had read
“I know you’re talking about me, but I don’t know what who said”
Interactions span the spectrum from comments tame to wild
Some make me laugh, some make me cry, but mostly I’ve just smiled
So from late night conversations to the dawns and days we greet
I’ll celebrate the moments, I’ll love, I’ll laugh, I’ll tweet.

—SAK 1/11/13

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