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So, I watched this video on the Tinkering School. (It’s less than 5 minutes long and *really* worth the time—especially if you’ve got kids. Or know kids. Or used to be a kid.) It really got me thinking.


This is how I learn things too. I tinker. I get a new computer program and figure it out by playing with it. I need to DO to learn—I can’t just watch someone else (though that helps) nor just read/hear about it. I need to do it.

My 6 year old  is a born tinkerer. He LOVES to take things apart, figure out how things work, and put them back together again. He overwhelms me with questions about how something is made, what it looks like inside, what makes it work.

There is something magical about tinkering—whether it’s with wood and tools, yarn and needles, pencil and paper, or really anything at all. Figuring something out on your own or mastering a skill through your own hard work is the most amazing feeling. Something everyone should experience regardless of age.

Life is tinkering, isn’t it? Aren’t we all constantly trying to figure out how to do something or balance what we’ve already mastered? Relationships, family life, schedules, crafting, cooking, baking, exercising, book-writing…every part of life involves tinkering.

Well, I’m off to tinker in the kitchen to bake something sweet. :-) What are you going to tinker with this week?

Have a great one!


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