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Scoffing at the Insanity

Happy last day of May! I’m celebrating today because as of tomorrow—and for the full month of June—I will be a writing machine and won’t see much of anything beyond my computer and the screen of my imagination. The outline for book two is done(ish) (enough) and I’ve set the (possibly insane and unrealistic) goal of finishing the first draft in a month. Which basically means writing about 20,000 words a week, about 3,000 words a day (or more, really, if I want to take a day off here and there) (and I WILL want to take a day off here and there—I will NEED to). So I’m probably really shooting for writing between 4,000–5,000 words a day.


(That’s me scoffing at the insanity of it. I HAVE FOUR KIDS AT HOME.) (But still. I’m going to try.)

Why am I trying to write the book in a month? Because it takes me FOREVER to make it into something fabulous, so I need a LOT of time to edit/revise/polish. But I can’t do that until I have a draft to work with. AND I want to have book two out by the end of the year.

So, I may be less than verbose here for the next month so I can spend most of my time making my carpal tunnel excruciatingly painful in a very short time period. (I’m kidding.) (I hope.)

Wish me luck!

Also? This just makes me smile SO huge! The most elaborate marriage proposal I’ve ever seen. So sweet!

Thanks to Julia for the link!

Oh! And go check out Parenthetically on YouTube. I’m posting a new video today about why I (shamefully, but for a very good reason) do not watch the news.


(Click to go!)

Have a great rest of your week (and weekend ahead), everyone!



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4 thoughts on “Scoffing at the Insanity

  1. Cate Dean

    Wow – and I thought I was ambitious. :) Good luck, happy writing – can’t wait to read it! Now I’m off to dive back into mine – finishing it this weekend. *fingers crossed*

    1. j meyers Post author

      Thanks, Cate! If I want to get it done, I’ve GOT to get it done, you know? And the first draft is just that—a first draft. I’m looking forward to getting back into it! :-)

      Hope you finish yours this weekend!

    1. j meyers Post author

      I know, Andrea! Doesn’t that video just lighten your heart? It’s so great. Glad you enjoyed it too. :-) And thanks for the luck…I’ll need it!