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Filled with Gratitude

You know, there have been some really wonderful people spending their time reading Intangible and posting their honest opinions of it on their blogs, at Goodreads, and Amazon. I am so thankful for book bloggers, and I marvel at what they do (in part because I have not a speck of talent for writing reviews and these people are overflowing with it).

So I wanted to spread the love a bit, and show you what some people have been saying. Honestly, I’ve been amazed at the overwhelmingly positive response. This is not a complete list of bloggers who’ve reviewed it (because the list is getting really long–this is less than half of them), it’s just a random selection. Go, check out their blogs, follow them if you like. They’re a really great bunch. (And to any bloggers reading this—if you’re not listed it doesn’t mean I didn’t like your review. It means this really is a random list. I’ve loved every review I’ve gotten. Really. Truly. Honestly.)

Maegan at CuzinLogic
Heidi at Rainy Day Ramblings
Touya at Reader’s Garden
John at Dreaming in Books
Ali at My Guilty Obsession
Ashlie at Bookish Novelties
Pam at Novelly Nice
Suzanne at Paranormal Book Fan
Lolita at K-Books
Misty at Kindle Obsessed
Meghan at Owl Read It
Kelly at Radiant Shadows
Mindy at Books Complete Me

Ashlie at Bookish Novelties
Suzanne at Paranormal Book Fan
Meghan at Owl Read It

I am filled with gratitude that so many people have read and reviewed Intangible, and that so many more have committed to doing it over the next several months and throughout the summer. This is the best way—really the only way—to spread the word about books, especially when you are an indie author. So thank you, to everyone who has read Intangible. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed it. Thank you to everyone who has told someone about it.

Hope your week is filled with gratitude too. Have a great day, everyone!


11 thoughts on “Filled with Gratitude

  1. meghan gale

    Thank you so much for the mentions! I’m so glad I could be one of the people to bring you joy and help spread the word about such a great book!

  2. Pam

    Was so surprised to see my blog listed. I know it was random but thank you just the same. And I too am looking forward to the next book. :)