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Things Done and Things to Do

I’m done! I finished the book last night and sent it off to my proofreader at 12:06 am. Then I spent the next hour vacillating between panic and exhilaration. Just a preview as to what I’ll feel like when the book is up for sale, I’m sure. :-) But I have to say that I’m beyond thrilled with the book, and have so many people to thank for that. While my proofreader combs the manuscript for typos, I will be working on my acknowledgements page. It’s truly been a team effort.

So, I say I’m done, but there are still a few things to do before you all get to see the book. (Like the proofing, of course. And there are little things like formatting it once I get it back, so it looks all pretty and is easy to navigate on an e-reader.) So the release is set for the end of January for the ebook, with the paper version to follow as soon as possible in February.  When we’re closer I’ll give you an actual date, if I can.

Over the next couple of weeks my website is going to get an overhaul and I’m going to move my blog over to the site itself, rather than keep it here on WordPress. I’m looking forward to having a more seamless feel to my site and blog, and to having everything in one place. It should make upkeep a lot easier.

Also, I have had bookmarks made and will be showing them to you soon. They’re beautiful! I’ll be doing giveaways of bookmarks as well as the books in the coming weeks. And I’m seriously considering getting temporary tattoos made of a symbol used in the book because it’s just so right for the book. And it would be way too much fun to have and give away. Once I have finalized the design of that symbol, I’ll show it to you. (I’m a little bit excited about it!)

On a last note, my brother had surgery today that didn’t go as well as planned. He had a tumor on his spinal column that was causing a lot of pain and making it hard for him to walk, and the surgeons were unable to remove the whole thing. As you can imagine, this is not great news, but we are hopeful that what they were able to remove enough to offer relief. So if you’d send good thoughts his way, I know he’d appreciate it.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Stay healthy.

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8 thoughts on “Things Done and Things to Do

      1. Melissa

        You’re welcome. Do you know if when you move your blog to your website it will still be available to get by email subscription? I really enjoy reading your entries.

        1. j meyers Post author

          Yes, it will. I’m still going to use WordPress software, it just won’t be hosted any longer on I’m hopeful that I will be able to just transfer my subscribees with me . . . but if that’s not possible, I’ll be sure to post that you’ll need to sign up again on the new site. Having the email subscription is a really important feature to me, too. In the meantime, this blog will stay here until I get the new site completely up and running.

          And I’m so glad you enjoy reading here. Thank you for the compliment! :-)

  1. Cate Dean

    Congratulations, j! I look forward to all the fun things you have planned for your book release. The temp tattoos – very cool! I am sorry to hear about your brother, and sending my thoughts and energy his way. Take care,

    1. j meyers Post author

      Thanks, Cate. I’m excited about the tattoo idea. It fits perfectly with the book.

      My brother is doing well post-surgery. In a lot of pain, but upbeat. But he’s almost always like that. He’s one of the most positive people I know. I know he’ll appreciate the added thoughts and energy. He can definitely use it.

  2. The older brother dude

    It’s “the brother” here, you know, the one who had surgery last week? Thanks to everyone who was thinking good thoughts for me! I’m actually pretty happy with the results in that a large amount of tumor material WAS able to be removed, and I seem to be suffering no ill effects at the moment.

    See, the outside of the tumors was what was left, and it was all leathery and loaded with nerves from my spinal cord. So that “shell,” if you will, is still in there. But the living, growing center tissue is removed, which accomplishes two things: First, it stops the tumor from growing, which is great because I was out of room. Second, it allows for the chemo drug I’m using to perhaps access parts of the tumors it couldn’t before. Meaning a better kill rate of the bad cells.

    In any case, I have as of the moment not lost any sensation, mobility or strength and I’ve gained some room and new attack zones to keep after these things. So I’m actually feeling pretty decent about my surgery!

    Oh, and PLEASE release your book-Meghan so desperately wants to read it, you know…

    Love ya sis!