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Off to Vermont

This has been a week. A week, I tell you, a week! We came off the weekend on a sugar high from a rainbow jelly bean birthday cake, then Tuesday our new computer arrived and I got to play with it first AND torture my husband with that fact while he was at work. (Sigh. That was really fun. Nothing like harassing the ones you love, you know?) We’ve also went to two pre-season soccer practices (and I actually got the kids fed before we went–which is, believe me, a monumental feat). Hmm. What else? Oh, yeah. I made these . . .

. . . into a LOT more of this.

30 quarts more, to be exact. Bringing us to a whopping total of 38 quarts of salsa. (Is it just me or does that sound insane? That has GOT to be enough to last us a year.) (I hope.) Oh, and if you’d like the salsa recipe, it’s here.

Whew. I’m so done canning. At least until the red raspberries get ripe at our CSA, then I’ll be making some jam for my Torin. But not 38 quarts of it, I can tell you that much. I just hope they don’t get ripe for picking while we’re away. Which brings me to what I’ve been doing the rest of the week.

Laundering, folding, and packing like mad because we are driving to Vermont today to spend a week and change with family and friends, picking blueberries at the grandparents’, climbing mountains, flying in grandpa’s airplane, visiting favorite places, spending time with people we love. Fall in Vermont. What could be better than that? (Okay, so it’s not going to be uber-colorful, like at the end of September/beginning of October when the leaves are in their full technicolor glory, but still. It’s Vermont. Total love.)

So, you know, while I’m off visiting, picking, climbing, and flying, I will not be blogging. In the meantime, have a great weekend and coming week, everyone! I’ll see you back here after the holiday weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Off to Vermont

  1. simona

    funny, i'd have done the same – harassing my hubby about me being the first to play with the new toy, haha!you've got TONS of tomatos! our garden has not been that great for us this year, but we just picked up some jars of what grandma had left over. makes her happy and is so much easier for us!

  2. Anna

    I just got finished putting up a load of tomatoes and then filled my bucket up again. Looks like you had a good amount to do.