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Artist: Andy Goldsworthy

So, if you haven’t heard of Andy Goldsworthy (outside of my mention of him on Monday), then you’ve definitely been missing out. He is an artist, sculptor, and naturalist, among other things. And he creates the most incredible sculptures and designs using all natural materials.

Seriously. Just take a look at this video of some of his work, which includes the egg-shaped cairns like we saw in Sapsucker Woods. (Quick heads-up: the song chosen to accompany the video sounds nice until she uses the f-word–just once. Not what I’d want my kids listening to, though. And nothing is lost by watching the video with the sound off.)

One of the things I love is that many of his works are meant to change with nature–like move down stream, or disperse as the tide comes in, or melt in the sun. He must see things that no one sees. You know? Just picks up sticks and starts putting them together to make some cool pattern hanging in the air. Or make an icicle look like it snakes in and out of a rock. Really. Who would think of that?

Watch this one too, because you can never get too much of his work. (Music is family friendly on this one.)

There are coffee-table books of his work which are just breathtaking. And if you get a chance to see him at work in the DVDs he has out, it’s so worth the watch. Your library may have some. (The video links are excerpts from one of them.) They show not only the smooth-going creating, but also when things all fall apart after he’s been working for hours. And he has to start over. (You really feel for the guy when that happens.)

Hope you’re having a great week . . . and that none of your work is falling apart.

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