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A Skunk, Flies, and the Book

Three things today.

1. First, right at the very moment that I’m writing this, there is a skunk on the top of our compost pile, getting a snack. When I went in to tell the boys about our little black-and-white striped friend out there, they all leaped up, raced to the window to see, completely disregarding the movie they’d been watching. I *love* that. Nature trumps TV. Sigh. My heart is smiling right now.

2. Also? My house has strangely been invaded by these HUGE black house flies. Big, fat ones–bodies 1.5 cm long and almost 1 cm wide. Monsters, I tell you, monsters. (Okay, they’re no horse fly–shudder–but still, very LARGE for house flies.) I have no idea where they’re coming from, but we let 19 of them out of the house yesterday afternoon. (I kid you not.) And there were still more today. I have no idea how many we got out of the house today, we stopped counting. It’s weird.

3. On a book news note, I wanted to tell you about something new I’ve decided to do. Something I wouldn’t ever have thought of if not for the generous sharing of ideas and information by other indie authors. And I’m very excited about it.

I’m writing another story–a novelette or short story, depending on the final length–that I will be “selling” for free to give people a chance to get to know two of the main characters and get a taste of my writing style before they commit to buying the Book. It’s the full story of something that is mentioned just in passing in the book, so it won’t be repetitive, but will give a little more to the story.

Aren’t you excited? (Okay, okay, I do realize I am alone in this excitement, but still. I’m excited enough for both of us. And maybe once you read it, you’ll be excited too.)

Well, that’s the news here. What’s the news there?

2 thoughts on “A Skunk, Flies, and the Book

  1. Sandra in Freeville

    Very Exciting! The skunk and the novelettes that is… My 9yo loved the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series; Rick Riordan also wrote shorter books related to the series as a way of keeping the excitement going while additional books were being written.

  2. j. meyers

    We haven't read any Riordan yet, though Riley picked up The Lightning Thief last night and was thinking about reading it. It's such a great idea to put out shorter works in between to keep readers happy as they wait for what's next. Maybe I'll do that in between this first book and the sequel. Thanks for the idea!