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Books and Trees

I have a book buying problem. Though it’s not really a “problem.” More of a challenge. That’s it. I’m bookshelf-challenged. In my dream home, there is a library with plenty of shelves for all the books I own and love, with room for more. In the current home, there are bookshelves stuffed tight and boxes of books besides.

I happen to be lucky enough to live in a place where there is a huge library book sale twice a year (twice!), with usually over 250,000 items up for grabs at each sale. This spring I hadn’t planned to go because there wasn’t anything I was really looking for. But then my husband reminded me that I could look for tree books (for identifying trees–we’re raising four nature lovers here), so I decided to go.

I came home with 65 books.

Only three of them were on trees.

* * *
Books are my guilty (except I really don’t feel guilty about them) pleasure. What’s yours?