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Late to the Party

I’m behind the times, which I freely admit. (And often embrace.) To me, a blackberry is something you turn into jam or just about the world’s best pie. I don’t know what you do with an iPad.

And I only just recently realized the genius that is an MP3 player.

Seriously. Purchase individual songs! For a dollar! You don’t have to buy the complete album anymore (forgive the choice of the word album, I grew up with vinyl) and put up with less-than-favorite songs. How brilliant is that? (I know. I know. I’m totally late to the party. Like the party was over years ago . I know.)

So, despite my recent epiphany about MP3 players, I don’t have one. I’m pining. And I think when I finally do get one, my first song purchase will have to be “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Have you heard Jason? (Am I late to that party too?) He’s amazing. Just the right combination of sweet and serious, funny and profound. Plus a fantastic sound. Simultaneously simple and complicated. My kids (9, 7, 5, and 2–yes, even the 2 year old sings along) love his music and look him up on YouTube all the time. (Me, too.)

I love discovering something new to love. What have you discovered lately?