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Teaser Tuesday: Yours Truly (#2)

Yours Truly (Happily Ever After #2)Less than a week away! Can’t wait to share this book with you all. <3 Here’s one more teaser to tide you over:

“The way you look tonight…” Josh breathed out, looking like he was at a loss for words. “You’re the most beautiful woman in the room, Willow Truly.”


“Not true.” My voice was hoarse, and I had to work to keep it steady. “I saw supermodels when I walked in.”


He shook his head. “I only saw you.”


I watched the words tumble off his lips, wishing I could scoop them up and tuck them into my pocket, keep them forever. Then I took a deep breath, not sure how to answer. I mean, what do you say to that? Especially when it’s spoken by someone you’re trying very hard not to fall for.


Releasing April 18, 2016


Ahh! Will and Josh. Here’s hoping you fall for them like I did.





Teaser Tuesday: Yours Truly

Portrait of a beautiful redhead girl with toy on blue background.Since we’re coming up on the release of Yours Truly (Happily Ever After #2),  how about a teaser?

“I don’t want to fall in love with anyone. Not ever.”


One eyebrow arched on Josh’s forehead and his eyes stared into mine, then trailed down to settle on my lips. My breathing hitched as he leaned closer, bringing his lips way too close to mine. Part of me wanted to move away while the rest of me begged to close the distance.


“Are you sure about that?” His whisper caressed my lips with warmth and I melted into them, not feeling sure in the least.


Then his lips were on mine. Softly, gently at first, stealing my breath, stealing my sense of everything else in this world save for him. My mind was gone, my body having told it to take a hike as soon as his lips touched mine.


I was lost.


And damn but I was feeling like I never wanted to be found.


Releasing April 18, 2016


Happy Tuesday, my friends!




On Hating Writing

Young woman portrait with closed eyes holding red Heart. Love symbol.I hated writing when I was a kid. And a teen. And a twenty-something. If anyone had asked me back then, I’d have sworn I’d never become a writer. I would have scoffed at the very idea.

Not something you expect a professional writer to say, right? It’s funny, I know. Even funnier? I became a professional writer even while I still hated writing. (It was totally by accident and I wasn’t even fully aware I’d become a writer…it kinda snuck up on me. But that’s a story for another day.)

Why did I loathe it to the very depth of my soul? Because I’d never actually learned how to write when I was in school. Oh, I had plenty of writing assignments, like all school kids have. And I completed them. But I never felt like I knew what I was doing. I was simply told “write a report/research paper/essay on _____.” I was told to research, take notes, and outline. I made sure to use plenty of SAT words, and I was positive I was the worst writer in the world.

I hate doing things poorly. My perfectionist self can’t stand it.

That all changed when I was 26 and took a class called “Personal Writing” as a part of a master’s program I was entering. In this class we were supposed to tell our own stories, something we knew everything about. I was the expert, I knew all the details because I had been there and seen/tasted/smelled/felt/heard it all. I cared about what I was writing for the first time in my life (I mean, beyond what grade I was going to get). It was incredible.

In learning how to tell my own stories, adding enough sensory details to place the reader in my shoes, I finally learned to write.*

And to love it. (In fact, I’m downright passionate about my writing process, especially editing. )

I never would have expected I’d be a writer EVER in my life, and yet…here I am.

This is all to say that you just never know. Hating something today doesn’t mean you’ll still hate it tomorrow. And that sometimes you end up doing the very thing you swore you’d never do. (And, inexplicably, loving it.)



*For those of you interested, the book we used in class was Writing To Be Read by Ken Macrorie, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s life-changing. Each chapter involves some aspect of the craft of story-telling, with examples and exercises to try it out yourself. (I just looked it up…it’s crazy expensive new on Amazon, so I’d pick up a used copy. You can even get one from my favorite used bookstore here.)


Happily Ever After released!

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! I hope you are having the sweetest of days, whether you’re celebrating with the love of your life or the people in your life who make you feel loved. <3

Happily Ever After is my Valentine to YOU, and it’s out today! For a short time, I’m extending the pre-order price of $0.99 into the first few days of release, so if you know of anyone who’d like a sweet, sexy, and funny feel-good romance, please let them know!



(le sigh)


I am SO excited about this book, you guys—this whole new series! Not only do I swoon at the romance within, but I love the deep friendship these six women have with each other. The characters have totally filled my imagination and stolen my heart. I hope when you read each book you’ll feel the same way.

I know I often ask you all to help spread the word (*cough*like I already did above*cough*), but I realize that while some of you might like to, maybe you aren’t sure how or what to do.

So here are a couple of ideas:
1. Post a review wherever you bought the book and/or on Goodreads. Reviews help other readers know whether the book will be a good fit for them. :-)
2. Tell your friends and family. Share your love of the book in person and online! You can share links to the book or one of the graphics below (or both together!). You are free to share these images anywhere–Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram. Or wherever else you can think of! (You can also snag these same images from a page on my website, if that’s easier for you.)

You can also use the image at the top of this newsletter that has a reader quote just like this one.

Thank you for your continued love and support. Every time I get an email or message from a reader it totally makes my day. I cannot tell you how much it means to me. Seriously. Thank you for that! <3

Happy reading and have a fantabulous Valentine’s Day, my friends!





Who wants a Happily Ever After for Valentine’s Day?

What would you say if I could guarantee you a Happily Ever After for Valentine’s Day? (You’d say YES! Right? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? ;-)

Happily Ever After, releasing on February 14, 2016, is the first book in my new series of stand-alone contemporary romances and is up for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes at the special pre-order price of only $0.99. (It won’t stay that price after release!)

For wedding planner Everly Vaughn, her best friend’s high-profile Caribbean wedding could be her big break. The good news? She’s starting her own business. The bad news? Well…

One client.
The wedding of the season.
Twelve days to pull it off.
No staff.
A bride who’s been engaged four times but never makes it down the aisle.
And the bride’s brother who she’s trying desperately to resist…to no avail.

What could possibly go wrong? (Seriously? Absolutely everything.)


Pre-Order for only $0.99 Now!


In case you missed it, just a friendly reminder that Happily Ever Now, the prequel novella, is available NOW for FREE at:
Barnes & Noble and Nook UK

Happy reading!


Happily Ever Now (FREE prequel novella) available now!

HEN smallHappy Wednesday, my lovelies!

Happily Ever Now is FREE and available (almost) everywhere! (Still waiting on Barnes & Noble, but it should be there soon.)

This short novella is a prequel to the stand-alone novel Happily Ever After (releasing Valentine’s Day…because what better day is there for a Happily Ever After?). <3

Check it out:

Wedding planner Everly Vaughn has three rules for a Happily Ever After:
1. Find a nice guy.
2. Make sure he passes the BFF test.
3. Never—no matter how much you like him—engage the Player (aka Austin, your best friend’s brother).


What happens if you don’t follow them? A Happily Ever Now. (Those don’t last.)


Too bad Ever doesn’t follow her own rules.



Coming soon to Barnes & Noble!

Happy reading!




Happily Ever After Series Starting Soon!

Happily Ever After by Jen MeyersI know we’re neck deep in this delightful holiday season, but I’m already looking ahead to the new year because I will be launching a new series of standalone companion novels about a group of six twenty-something friends—my Happily Ever After series.

And I couldn’t be more excited about it. I mean, LOOK! ————>

I’ve been writing like mad this fall to bring these fun and fabulous characters to life, and I’m loving every minute I spend with them. I can’t wait to introduce them to you—I’m hoping you’ll love them as much as I do. (I mean, you have to. Have I ever led you wrong before?)

The first book, Happily Ever After, focuses on Everly Vaughn, wedding planner and general neurotic, who falls for her best friend’s brother, Austin Noble, no matter how hard she tries not to. A free prequel novella entitled Happily Ever Now will be releasing at the same time, with a little more backstory on Ever and Austin’s relationship.

Happily Ever Now by Jen MeyersAt the beginning of January, I’ll be rounding up early reviewers. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a free pre-release ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of both the novella and the book to read and review, please feel free to email me now at jen (at) jmeyersbooks (dot) com to let me know. I’ll put you on the reviewer list! If you’re on my mailing list, I’ll be sending out a request closer to when I’m looking for reviewers. (If you’re not on the mailing list, you can sign up here so you don’t miss out on anything!)

I am SO looking forward to sharing these books about these strong, smart, and sexy women (and the men they love) with you in 2016. It’s going to be a year FILLED with love.

But in the meantime, I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season.




Postcards from Maine

At the end of September, we went to Maine, one of my favorite places on earth because I have a thing for oceans (and lakes, and rivers, and, okay, YES…water in general). It was the first time the kids saw the ocean, and if their shouts of “This is soooooo AWESOME!” as they ran across the sand to put their feet in it for the first time are any indication, they were appropriately impressed. ;-)


The kids build sandcastles, drew in the sand with their toes, and proved over and over that it is 100% IMPOSSIBLE to walk down the beach without getting your pants/shorts/skirt thoroughly soaked no matter how high you hike them up.

DSCF1188   DSCF1206

DSCF1210   DSCF1226


The kids went swimming (because they are INSANE—it was September. In Maine. Clearly they are impervious to cold, growing up in the Northeast), and tried to build fortresses that the incoming tide could not breach. They LOVED jumping over the waves as they crashed onto the sand. We were there for hours at a time.  Best. Thing. Ever.

DSCF1305   DSCF1317


They’re in the ocean, meanwhile I’m in long sleeves and a sweater…

We found the worlds TINIEST crab, an adorable little sea urchin (which was HUGE in comparison), and so many itsy-bitsy hermit crabs (that totally could have taken on the crab–it was crazy small, I couldn’t even tell it was a crab).

DSCF1279   DSCF1290


I fell in love with the rocks on the beach.

DSCF1187   DSCF1186


Seriously…how can you not fall in love with rocks that look like THIS?

We had a magnificent visit. Almost all our time was spent at the ocean (because, I mean…THE OCEAN, I’m just saying), and we have all decided that we must move there.

Or at least go visit on a regular basis. :-)


Backlist Sale: Anywhere & Silver Heart

Anywhere by Jen MeyersIn preparation for our upcoming new series of standalone novels*, Victoria Green and I are putting our other standalones on sale! Today through October 22, Anywhere and Silver Heart are both on sale for only 99c. How sweet is THAT?!

My sweet and sexy romance Anywhere is the book of my heart, you guys. The story follows Skye and Asher, who meet by chance at a train station in Paris while backpacking through Europe. Set in exotic locales, it’s a gentle love story about two people who are very clearly meant to be. I love these characters SO much, and their story STILL makes my heart swell. (I’m working on companion books to Anywhere because I love it so much. <3)

Anywhere is available only at Amazon (snag a free Kindle app here if you need it).


Silver Heart by Victoria Green

And Victoria’s steamy, new adult romance Silver Heart, which takes place on the ski slopes of Whistler, is one of my FAVORITE romances. She has created this sweeping love story that will have you believing in true love (as if you don’t already…but I’m just saying).

Silver Heart is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Google Play.


If you haven’t picked up Anywhere or Silver Heart,
get ye to ye olde online bookshoppe soon!


Have a great weekend, everyone, and happy reading!


*More info about our upcoming releases SOON! Cover releases, giveaways, graphics…ALL the fun stuffs of a new release. :-)