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Celebrating Fall



I *may* have mentioned before how much I love fall, but can a person really say that too many times? I can’t help it, you guys. Because every year I fall in love again and marvel at the wonder of this gorgeous season. I mean, what could be better than fresh-off-the-tree apples, and crisp, cool days that have me wrapping myself in handknit sweaters and cold nights of snuggling under warm comforters? The air feels fresher at this time of year, unburdened by the humidity of summer, and the crowning glory, of course, is Nature’s brand of fireworks in the changing of the leaves.  Who doesn’t swoon at this? (Not me. I swoon like whoa. Every. Single. Year.)



It’s been beautiful this week—unseasonably warm for October in the northeast—so the kids and I grabbed the cameras and went for a walk. Who can stay inside when outside looks like this? Not us. :-)




We discovered gigantic mushrooms—one the size of a soccer ball, the other even larger—along the side of the road. We didn’t know they grew this big around here. Amazing.


No clue what kind it is…yet! We gotta look these babies up.


My hands for size reference. This thing was HUGE!

We marveled at the cool negative outline of leaves perfectly imprinted on the pavement. And a cute little green shield bug wandering amongst the scattered leaves.



We came across the last of the dandelions.


But our favorite things, by far, were the cattails.






Running down the road, flinging cattail fluff into the wind. Just helping Nature out, you know.

Our version of a perfect day. *happy sigh* Thank you, Fall. <3






6 thoughts on “Celebrating Fall

  1. Becky

    Ooooh fall in your neck of the woods! How I miss that! It is hands down the best there. I hope you guys thoroughly enjoy every moment though no doubt you will!

  2. Kate

    Your mushroom is a giant puffball – edible, though relatively bland. Can be used where you might use tofu or chicken with sauce. Slice them up and……glad you had a nice day. Beautiful here too!

    1. jen Post author

      I had no idea puffballs could be that big! We might have to try it.

      And I’ve seen your fall pictures…you are in the most beautiful place of all. <3

    1. jen Post author

      The most beautiful time of year, for sure. I don’t see how it’s not everyone’s favorite!