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What I’ve been up to…

Life, in general. ;-)

This, in specific:

:: Writing Total Bliss. It’s coming along—albeit not as quickly as I’d like, but still, coming along. I adore Bliss and love spending time with all my imaginary friends in that world. Also, I have a pretty great writing buddy who keeps me company while I write.


My furry little pal, Loki.

:: Making ALL the salsa, jam, and dill pickles. I also canned peaches/nectarines this year, and we’ve already decided that I have to do more of them next year. Every year I get all canned out with the few things I do, but somehow I end up trying something new and LOVING it so much that it gets added to the Yearly Things to Can.

In our house salsa and dill pickles are an absolute MUST. They are so much better homemade, I can’t even tell you. (And ridiculously easy to make. Seriously.) In fact, here’s my recipe for Lazy Salsa. Try it. Trust me on this. (Though I should give you fair warning…once you make your own, you’ll never want to go back to store bought.)


56 quarts, which will (barely) last us a year. We, uh, like salsa.


Low sugar peach and peach-plum. First time making the low-sugar version and Oh. My. God. SO amazing.

:: Baking ALL the things. Because that’s what I do. :-) I’m even trying to talk myself out of starting a baking blog with my friend Becky (who has THE best DIY blog on the interwebs). Becky and I trade lovingly perfected recipes all the time, and I keep thinking that we need to start a blog. But she’s a busy TV/movie set designer, and I already have projects up to my eyeballs. Who has time? But still. Some things need to be shared with the world, you know?


(This recipe isn’t perfected…YET.) Brownie mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. *swoon*


(This one is.) Chocolate mint chocolate chip cookies. *double swoon*

:: Saving Monarchs from the town mowers and watching Swallowtail caterpillars grow and form chrysalides. We’ve raised Monarchs and Painted Ladies before, but this is our first time with Swallowtails. Not sure what kind they are, but I’ll post pics when they emerge.



Gorgeous Swallowtail caterpillar eating parsley. (We are SO planting parsley next year.)


…And SO much more.



One thought on “What I’ve been up to…

  1. Becky

    Ack hey look at you with the super sweet name dropping and link! Holy surprise! Thank you! xoxoxo (Ahem, I’m uh, done in November sometime {baking blog, cough cough, will begin recipe sifting then}).