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Postcards from Maine

At the end of September, we went to Maine, one of my favorite places on earth because I have a thing for oceans (and lakes, and rivers, and, okay, YES…water in general). It was the first time the kids saw the ocean, and if their shouts of “This is soooooo AWESOME!” as they ran across the sand to put their feet in it for the first time are any indication, they were appropriately impressed. ;-)


The kids build sandcastles, drew in the sand with their toes, and proved over and over that it is 100% IMPOSSIBLE to walk down the beach without getting your pants/shorts/skirt thoroughly soaked no matter how high you hike them up.

DSCF1188   DSCF1206

DSCF1210   DSCF1226


The kids went swimming (because they are INSANE—it was September. In Maine. Clearly they are impervious to cold, growing up in the Northeast), and tried to build fortresses that the incoming tide could not breach. They LOVED jumping over the waves as they crashed onto the sand. We were there for hours at a time.  Best. Thing. Ever.

DSCF1305   DSCF1317


They’re in the ocean, meanwhile I’m in long sleeves and a sweater…

We found the worlds TINIEST crab, an adorable little sea urchin (which was HUGE in comparison), and so many itsy-bitsy hermit crabs (that totally could have taken on the crab–it was crazy small, I couldn’t even tell it was a crab).

DSCF1279   DSCF1290


I fell in love with the rocks on the beach.

DSCF1187   DSCF1186


Seriously…how can you not fall in love with rocks that look like THIS?

We had a magnificent visit. Almost all our time was spent at the ocean (because, I mean…THE OCEAN, I’m just saying), and we have all decided that we must move there.

Or at least go visit on a regular basis. :-)


2 thoughts on “Postcards from Maine

  1. Dawn Suzette

    Yes, to the ocean (and any other body of water)!
    You could always move to Nova Scotia. There is a house for sale down the road. Great view with the beach 5 minutes away! ;-)