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On Being Yourself

So…I’ve discovered in this past year that it’s not easy being two people. When I made the decision to go with a pen name, it was because I write clean YA but was suddenly writing not-so-clean NA. I worried about my sweet YA readers picking up one of my dirty books and getting a *bit* of a shock.

I didn’t want that to happen. So, I thought it would be best to separate things, keep my different genres under different names. But I had no idea how hard it would be to maintain two personalities, and figure out who to be for each. With all the work I was doing on my NA, my YA twitter and FB pages got a little very neglected. I’m sure so many of my readers thought I was doing nothing at all. (In reality, I was writing five books with my co-author Victoria Green, and burning myself out.)

be yourself quote

And so, I’ve changed my mind. I’m going back to being Just Me. :-) But instead of being J. Meyers, I’ve put Jen Meyers, my full(ish) name, on all of my books. It’s been an overwhelming task to change everything (and I’m still finishing things up), but already it’s feeling like the right thing for me.

Here’s to being yourself. ;-)