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Five Things

1. I’ve been taking a break from writing, and it’s been wonderful to reconnect with people I haven’t seen for too long. I get so focused on work, I forget to make time to see friends. So last week we met up with some at a nature center for a picnic and some play…and then took an impromptu visit to the ER after my 8yo’s head hit a wooden post.

Ten stitches. In his forehead.

I wasn’t right there to see it happen, but while the 5yo ran to get me, the 10yo whipped off his t-shirt and pressed it to his head. My heart swells at that. The 10yo said he did that because he read about it in The Ranger’s Apprentice, his favorite new series. <3

Books save lives, y’all. Just saying.

2. My knitting is calling to me—well, it IS fall AND soccer season, which is when the urge to knit always hits me hard—and I’m SO close to finishing a sweater I designed myself, and I can’t tell you how ridiculously excited I am about that. I’ve based it on a couple of patterns that I liked but didn’t love, and I’m loving the way it’s coming out. It’s cotton, really long, and in two tones of blue. This pic is just a tease, but I’m in the middle of the collar and button band, so you’ll just have to imagine what it really looks like until I post pics when it’s done.


3. Of course I have at least seven different knitting projects going at once (that’s totally normal, right?), and the most pressing is a cotton rainbow-striped hat for the newly banged-up 8yo to protect his wound/future scar from the sun (which apparently can worsen scarring). He requested the rainbow stripes and has even knit part of the hat himself.


4. In fact, he’s inspired a whole flurry of knitting here amongst his siblings. The 5yo is knitting herself a pink and purple striped hat (though she’s said she’ll let me work on it, too), and the 12yo is knitting himself a black and green vertical striped hat, his soccer team’s colors. And the 10yo picked up his knitting from last year—the first in a pair of fingerless gloves in grey and purple stripes. (We definitely got a stripe thing going on right now.)


5. And lastly, I was going to give you a list of good books I’ve read and loved lately, but then I came across this video of Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers getting down to “Can’t Touch This”…TOTALLY made my whole day. :-) So I had to share. I’ll tell you about the books next time. (Thanks to Kara for the link!)

Have a great weekend, everyone!