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Retreat of Awesome

We’ve called it the Retreat of Awesome since we started planning it over a year ago, when it didn’t seem real and I wasn’t sure that we were going to actually pull it off. And even though the weather conspired against us (I went through Atlanta the day after the snow storm hit, and was lucky to make it to Florida, as was Suz), most of us made it. Two canceled flights and hurrying from the end of one concourse to the far end of another (*cough-wheeze*)…I hadn’t realized I needed to do a little marathon training to fly (note to self for next time). Between getting up early for my flight and then waiting up late for Suz’s plane to arrive (and then there was the hugging, rejoicing, and visiting because, though we’ve been friends via Twitter/email/google hangouts for over two years, it was the first time we’d met in person), I was up for 23+ hours that first day.

But even given the rocky/stressful/tiring start, it was an amazing trip. I met two of my favorite people on Twitter (and, incidentally, on Earth)—Kris Oliver and Suzy G (who, over time, had come to feel like good friends even though we’d yet to meet face-to-face…Twitter is great that way—you can get to know people in a very real way, and I’ve been thanking the Twitter gods that I have Suz and Kris in my life. I’d never have known them otherwise.)

DSCF0241  DSCF0242

We did epic amounts of writing (I got 19K words on my new book, which I’m totally in love with and can’t wait to tell you about!).

DSCF0131  DSCF0128

And in between all the writing, we went shelling on the beach…

DSCF0172  DSCF0101

Kayaking at Robinson Preserve…


DSCF0218  DSCF0212

Saw some seriously cool creatures…

DSCF0126  DSCF0113

DSCF0117  DSCF0116

Had a private concert by Kris’ band Dirt Wolf (which was beyond Awesome)…

DSCF0166  DSCF0163


And just hung out and talked writing and life. We bounced ideas off of each other, inspired new ideas, got excited about everything everyone was writing, and basically solved all the world’s problems (or, well, we solved book-world and story problems, at least).


Writers of Awesome

And then I got to come home to the people I’d missed like crazy (even amidst all the awesome).


Signs…they made me SIGNS. <3


It was an incredible week—my face literally hurt from smiling so much, I was exhausted and sunburned (turns out you really SHOULD put sunscreen on your legs when you go kayaking…who knew?), I’m inspired and excited about what I’m working on, and thrilled that I got 19K words in one week (which for me is really good…I’m not as fast a writer as I’d like to be, but I’m not going to complain).

And I got to spend the week with amazing people. <3 Retreat of Awesome, indeed.



3 thoughts on “Retreat of Awesome

  1. kindlemom1

    This sounds (and looks!) awesome and just amazing. I know you were nervous to leave your family but it sounds like it was something you really needed and helped rejuvenate you. I am so happy that you were able to have this retreat and take time out for yourself. As a mom, wife, and in your case author, we all need these little breaks every once in a while.

    1. j meyers Post author

      I WAS nervous, Allie, really, really nervous, but everything went very well—a few tears at goodbye and a lot of missing (them AND me) but I had an incredible time and they were kept busy, happy, and were plied with pudding (a rare treat around here). ;-)

  2. Kris F. Oliver

    It was such an awesome week! And I still can’t believe I got to meet you in person! I enjoyed myself so much that I’m already brainstorming for next time. :)

    And I LOVE it that your kids made you signs! :) Best. Family. EVER!