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Cover Re-Reveal: New ANYWHERE cover

Anywhere is getting a new cover today! While the original is all kinds of beautiful and perfectly captures the feel of the story, I’ve realized it’s not a good reflection of the genre. So I’m going a different way to see if it will help more people discover the book. Only the ebook cover is changing. I may change the paperback cover to match in the future, but for now it’ll continue to have the original cover.

Here it is, my friends, the sparkling new cover. I hope you like it. :-)


If I’m not back in this space before the holidays commence, I wish you all the warmest & brightest. :-) And I’ll see you back here in the New Year.

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7 thoughts on “Cover Re-Reveal: New ANYWHERE cover

  1. Theresa M. Jones

    I liked your other cover a lot…
    BUT this one is VERY pretty too!
    AND- I agree with you that it suits the genre of the book.
    It seems like all NA titles are very similar to this one! SO hopefully it WILL in fact draw more attention to ANYWHERE!

    Good luck!!

    I would be interested in reading how your sales have changed since the change (like in a few weeks or something… after you have time to see the changes!)