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Meet (the many faces of) Jolene Perry

Do you guys know Jolene Perry? I know I’ve mentioned her before because I raved about her book Falling (which is on sale right now for only 99c, so if you haven’t read it you should totally pick it up).

She’s this ridiculously prolific writer (like my head spins at how many books she writes each year as well as how many she works on at one time) of YA (as Jolene Perry), NA (as Mia Josephs), and sweet LDS romance (as Jolene Betty Perry).

We were introduced on Twitter a few months back and I’m going to be honest here and say that I fell a little bit in love. Jolene is smart, funny, silly, and a little bit crazy (in the BEST possible way). She’s also one of the nicest people I’ve met.

mia josephs

And she can write. I’m picky about books—very quick to toss one aside if I don’t like the writing or if something bugs me about the story, I just don’t have time to waste on books that aren’t doing it for me. But I LOVE Jolene’s writing.

Last week I sent her an email with a few questions, and even though she was on vacation, lounging on a huge sailboat, swimming in tropical waters near the setting and inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, she was sweet enough to answer them. (See? How could I not love her?)


 Which books of yours are closest to your heart and why?
Knee Deep because I had a boyfriend not too dissimilar from Shawn, only I didn’t have a Luke and I think no girl should be in that position. Also Stronger Than You Think, but my sweet Joy’s story won’t arrive in stores until September 2014…

How do you manage having multiple online personalities? (I have trouble just keeping up with my one and you juggle THREE. It’s because you’re MAGICAL, right?)
Uh…I do a terrible job of managing Mia and Jolene Betty and Jolene, lol. I’ll have ONE week where I feel like I manage and then… Blah… Also, (as happens to us all) I’ve been in a funk over publishing so my posts keep turning negative and I don’t want that. I’ve tried to be honest about pros and cons but when all I can think about is to write cons…it goes back to that idea of “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” The 3 personalities is still a work in progress. I’m moving forward though, and that feels great.

What makes you laugh?
Calvin and Hobbes. New Girl. My kids. My husband. Though, the order changes often…

What’s your idea of a perfect day?
I think I have lots of perfect days and that’s a brilliant thing. The perfect day would be a day with my family and some sort of cookie as I’ll take cookies over almost any form of dessert. I like some time alone, some time with my whole family, some time with each of them. Something active, something that requires stillness and a bit of time for a good book. Today was that day only I also got to sail in the British Virgin Islands and snorkel in a cave where Robert Louis Stevenson got some ideas and where real life pirates found gold. The brilliant thing is that I’m alive and have many chances to make many regular days, incredibly perfect ones. I don’t have to be somewhere nearly this amazing to have a great day. Maybe I waxed a little too philosophical there…

If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be?
The thought of having wishes scares me. I know. So weird. I’d be afraid of the consequences. I’m actually just finishing up a re-write based on this premise with a friend of mine right now… So yes. I’ve given this too much thought. ;-)


 See what I mean? Did I mention that she collaborates on books all the time and has a long list of books she’s authored or co-authored? So much to choose from. (And once you start, you probably won’t want to stop. Just saying.)

You should totally check out her blog where her honest, witty, and warm sides shine equally bright. (She’s also on Twitter and Facebook.) I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love too. :-)


Have a great week, everyone!