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Playlist for Anywhere

anywhere BN KoboAnywhere is the first book I’ve written where I listened to music almost constantly while writing. With previous books I needed complete silence to write, but for some reason I craved the music with Anywhere. Maybe because I found the absolute SWOONIEST SONG EVER and it gave me all the feelz I was trying to create in the story.

The first song listed below, “May I” by Trading Yesterday, is totally Asher’s theme song. It so perfectly captures what I think a good/healthy relationship should and can be, and I swear I swoon every single time I listen to it. Every. Single. Time. (Like right now. Whoa. Give me a moment.)

(I’m just going to say right now: don’t be surprised if “May I” shows up on every future playlist for every contemporary romance that I write forevermore. It’s THAT good.)

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen for yourself.


SEE? I know, I know. Go ahead and listen again. I’ll wait. ;-)

And then check out the full playlist below. (The Lady Antebellum video for “Just a Kiss” inspired the idea for the backpacking trip, and the song perfectly captured the feel of the evolution of Skye and Asher’s relationship.)

Playlist for Anywhere:

Trading Yesterday “May I”
Lady Antebellum “Just a Kiss”
Hanna-McEuen “Ocean”
Rob Thomas “Ever the Same”
Christina Perri “Arms”

And take a listen, if you’d like. They are ALL amazing songs.


Happy listening!