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Teaser #3: Anywhere

anywhere BN KoboIf you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have noticed I’ve been posting a short little quote from Anywhere each day. It’s been fun coming up with the little teasers—a little bit of a challenge to find interesting ones that are 140 characters or less. If you’d like to see the daily teasers, follow me on either site. I post the same quote to both each day.

For a meatier teaser, here’s today’s:

He aimed his smile at me and my stomach flipped. And it was one of those moments when everything slows down and your world gets very, very small. I couldn’t hear anything but my heart beating furiously, my own breathing becoming a little ragged as I stared at him. I couldn’t see anything but Asher—his eyes on mine, looking like he’d just recognized me on a deeper level, then his gaze lowering slightly to lock on my lips. We stared at each other in silence and something changed, shifted—I don’t know what. But I felt it and I’d swear he did too, because all of a sudden we were leaning in, pulled by some crazy-strong force.

His arm tightened around my shoulders. Our lips were almost touching, and I closed my eyes as I breathed him in, as I gave in—

“Skye!” Julia called out from the bottom of the steps. I straightened, my heart hammering in my chest, and turned to see her waving and climbing toward us, Tommy and Shayne in tow. All I could think was had they seen us and what the hell am I doing?

If you haven’t yet, you can add Anywhere to your Goodreads shelf. Anywhere is set to release on August 30…but if it gets to 500 adds on Goodreads, I’ll release it 5 days early on August 25. So if you’d like to read it sooner, ask everyone you know to add it to their Goodreads shelf!

And have a fantastic day. :-)



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