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Teaser #2: Anywhere

It’s Teaser Tuesday again! Here’s the second teaser from Anywhere, set to release at the end of the month.

It felt so strange to be totally on my own. Good strange, but strange nonetheless. So much of the last two years of my life had been spent with Blaine, and even though his absence now made me feel like I could finally breathe, I also felt like I was nowhere, had no anchor in the world. You know, you get so used to depending on other people—not necessarily to make decisions, though Blaine had done that all the time, but just for companionship. To tether you, give you the sense that you belong.

I didn’t belong anywhere in that moment. Not at home, not in the busy plaza. No one knew me. No one knew where I was. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life or how I was going to face my family when I got home.

I had no place, and I suddenly, desperately wanted to find one.


Have a good week, everyone!


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