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The Wrap-Up

ImaginableHey, there! It’s been so long—I KNOW. Things get busy, the blog gets neglected.

1. We got season tickets to go see the children’s shows at our local professional summer stock theatre and went to the first show yesterday: Pinkalicious. It was fantastic! The actors did a wonderful job, and my kids were totally enthralled.

2. Of course, every time I see a show it makes me miss acting so SO much.  So it’s slightly torturous for me to go to live theatre, but I can’t help it. I LOVE it. And this was at a theatre I worked at about 20 years ago (which, honestly? makes me want to hyperventilate because how can I possibly be old enough to say that?). I was thinking about that this morning—the various summer stock theatres I did shows at. It was fun. Theatre people are the best. (Yeah, I’m going to have to write a book centering around theatre people—the ideas are already bouncing around.)

3. Speaking of writing, I’ve been researching Europe for New Book (which has a title, and I should probably tell you what it is!) and it just makes me want to hop on a plane and GO. (I keep trying to convince Steve that I NEED a research trip “for the sake of the book” and all I ever get are eye-rolls. EVEN when I say we should ALL go. Seriously? How can he say no to that?) But I’m DYING to see all these places I’m writing about–some are places I’ve never been (thank goodness for the internet and YouTube), some are places I visited 10-30 years ago (good god, I can’t be old enough to say that…except I did live in Germany when I was a kid, so…).

4. It’s official. I’m old. :-)

5. Title of the new book?

anywhere title

I’ll have a blurb for you in the coming weeks (and sneak peeks!) so you’ll know know more about it SOON. :-) It’s coming along, my friends!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!



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    1. j meyers Post author

      Riga is not one of the cities…but perhaps in a future book! (Though I think I should get to go there, don’t you?) ;-)