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A little of this and that

Just popping in to say another big, humongous THANK YOU to everyone who helped with Imaginable‘s cover reveal on Monday. You all are the BEST! Seriously. (Also, I am SO EXCITED that I finally get to start putting it on the left there!) (Yes, I am easily excited.)

Also, and totally unrelated, from time to time I’m going to be posting on writing and publishing over at a fantastic new site called Pen & Muse. It is the brainchild of the lovely and very Muse-like Kristen Jett and Jolene Haley. (If you have any interest AT ALL in writing or publishing, you should totally check out Pen & Muse. And follow them on Twitter: @penandmuse. The Muses tweet links to great writing/publishing articles from all over the web on a daily basis.)

Today my intro piece is up at Pen & Muse and it’s about how I came to be writing fiction (because I am not a born writer—someone who grew up writing, dreaming of writing, or always telling stories…nope, that wasn’t me at all) as well as why I chose to go indie rather than traditional. If you’d like to read it, it’s here.

It’s March!! Which means it’s practically Spring, right? (Right? Please?) (Okay, it’s probably Spring SOMEWHERE, but not in central NY. Sigh.) (Yes, I may in fact already be suffering from Spring Fever.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!