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Book News and a Flying Golf Ball

FIRST, and I’m SO EXCITED about this (can you tell?)…Imaginable has a cover! :D :D And you’ll get to see it on Monday, February 25! :D :D I’m still taking bloggers who want to participate, so if you haven’t emailed me yet that you’re in, EMAIL ME!

—>j AT jmeyersbooks DOT com<—

I cannot WAIT to show it to you!

SECOND, I’m going to be sending Imaginable to my betas SOON which means we are getting closer and closer to a release. April is looking GOOD and I have my eye on a date, but am keeping it to myself until I’m sure we can make it. Cross your fingers for me, will you? :-)

THIRD, and TOTALLY UNRELATED, Joe Hanson (@jtotheizzoe on Twitter), who has a fantastic site that features the most interesting science-related things on Earth at (go check it out, you won’t be sorry), tweeted the coolest video of a golf ball hitting a steel plate at 150mph. I had NO IDEA a golf ball could do this. NO IDEA! (It’s only 29 seconds long. Take a peek. You’ll be amazed…unless, of course, you knew this already. ;-)


Have a great day, my friends!

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