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A Crush, Adorableness, and Love

I have a new musical crush, you guys. Take a listen to this. (It’s just audio, nothing to see, so really, the video player is working fine. Just listen.)


That’s Bruno Mars, who I hadn’t heard before. But, oh my, he can sing. One thing I love about this song is the retro feel to it—reminiscent of 50’s and 60’s songs and I just love music from those decades. I’ve spent the last several days listening to one after another of his songs on YouTube…and now I’m wishing I had an mp3 player again. (Someday!)

Also, while newly-stalking Bruno, I stumbled across this adorable duet by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing one of my favorite holiday songs. It’s just too cute—you really must see it.


But I have to say this version of the song is my FAVORITE.


I’m a HUGE Diana Krall fan. She just…goodness she can put a song across like no one else.  I mean, not only can she SING, but she also has such a way of expressing each song. It’s amazing. The woman is TALENTED. Plus, she sings a lot of big band type songs that were really written for singers. You know? When Nat King Cole and Sinatra were at their peaks the songs written then were created to highlight the voice. Most songs today are not written like that (which is probably why she picks the old songs…because she has a voice that should be highlighted). Sigh. I love her (if you couldn’t tell.)


Hope your week is going well, my friends!