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I have such a treat for you guys. My husband Steve is on this quest to write several poems a week in 2013…and I want to share them with you here in this space. So each week I’ll be posting his poems, and I hope you enjoy them!


December Moon

Silent sits the ethereal night, when the December moon does call
While winter tightens its icy grip, ‘round the remnant warmth of fall
Thick woolen pants and handmade hats, scarves snugly woven between
Their colors, muted by the chilly glow, still soften the stark frozen scene
Wooden sleds whisper, wand’ring behind, masking our tracks with a tail
Our heavy steps up a heated climb, to a perch from which we’ll sail
Where the only clouds, we breathe to life, while pondering the world below
And our laughter echoes deep in the night, as we tumble through blankets of snow.

—SAK, 1/1/13

Why Do Snowflakes Sparkle?

“Why do snowflakes sometimes sparkle?” I was asked by the littlest one
“I’ll tell you what I think,” I said, “It all comes from the sun.
What happens when it’s raining, and the light shines through just right?”
“A rainbow!” grinned a child, and I nodded ever so slight.
“Have you ever been up early, when the sky begins to glow?
When with blue and orange and yellow, the sun wakes and says hello?
Or have you ever watched the sunset, all purple and pink and red?
When wrapped in its colorful blanket, the sun waves and goes to bed.
So why do snowflakes sparkle?” Their eyes were open wide.
“I like to think,” I whispered, “Because rainbows are trapped inside.”

—SAK, 1/2/13

 Winter’s Shore

A tentative step, a tilt to the side
One plant, then push, a gentle glide
A backyard pond, ‘neath shoveled snow
Over dormant turtles and frogs below
A neighborhood rink, at quiet play
Round and round and round, one way
A canal with miles and miles to go
Where steady streams of people flow
Dancing across an icy floor
Setting sail from winter’s shore.

—SAK, 1/3/13


Also, if you have any ideas for poem themes or subjects, please say so in the comments. Steve would be happy to write to requests. :-)

Happy Friday!

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4 thoughts on “Writings Poetic

  1. Katrina

    I loved the whispered reply, I can see and hear him leaning close to whisper it. Magical, as snowflakes.