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On Craftiness (and Avoiding Revising)

I’ve been feeling so crafty lately—as in making-things-with-my-hands crafty. I’m sure it’s a combination of the cool, autumn air and the mental crafting I’m doing with Imaginable. I have this theory that craft begets craft—that if you’re feeling creative or working creatively in one aspect of your life, the creativity infuses many or even ALL aspects of your life.

So for the first time in a couple of years I’ve been overcome with the urge to knit and am almost finished with a quick sweater for my 10 year old.

(I’ve come to LOVE soccer practice and games because I can just sit and knit, rather than pine to be home and working on Imaginable and stressing that I’m losing time. I’ve traded that for the zen of knitting peppered with the satisfaction of making something with my own two hands. It’s a LOVELY flip for my psyche.)

I also sewed up these super quick fingerless gloves for the kids with some fleece a couple of weeks ago.


I LOVE sewing fleece because you don’t have to finish the edges—you just have to sew up the seams. They were so excited about their new gloves that 3 out of the 4 of them slept with them on that first night. It’s a lovely, lovely thing that something so simple makes them so incredibly happy.

Some of this craftiness, of course has been getting in the way of doing ACTUAL work on Imaginable. (Who me? Procrastinate? *Ahem.*) In part because it needs SO MUCH WORK that the task was feeling immense and a little bit scary. Or, you know, entirely OVERWHELMING. But I’ve since gotten over that and have jumped fully into the manuscript and am making my way through.

And I have to say that it’s surprising me. This first draft is not as horrible as I’d thought, which is REALLY lovely. Don’t get me wrong—it’s rough. VERY rough. But there are some gems in there that I don’t remember coming up with—some great ideas, some funny bits of dialogue. I’m breathing more life into it, expanding on what’s there, filling it in…and it’s FUN. Seriously. I LOVE this part of writing.

So, ALL of my craftings are going strong (the kids and I sewed a quick quilt for my dad’s birthday…which was at the beginning of August—sorry Dad! we didn’t forget, I was WRITING!—and have lots of knitting plans for the immediate future—I am in dire need of a simple cotton sweater, must finally finish a sweater for Steve *cough*that I started a few years ago*cough* and have sweater plans for all the kids). It feels SO GOOD to be all crafty in my work AND my play.

What are you crafting these days?


11 thoughts on “On Craftiness (and Avoiding Revising)

  1. Katrin Tinnon

    Love the sweater and gloves. I’m working on a scarf, and making a hat for a friend of mine. They want their son to go as Dobby for Halloween. I’m also about to start some gloves for the kiddos and my friend. :D The fall brings on the craftiness.

    1. j meyers Post author

      Fall DEFINITELY brings on craftiness—so true! I LOVE that you’re turning someone’s son into Dobby. That’s adorable! :-)

  2. Suzanne

    I’ve been thinking that it’s time to start on handmade Christmas gifts (it really takes me that long… I’m not quick). I love sewing, too, and agree that creativity flows from one aspect of life to another. :) I LOVE those cute little fingerless gloves. And I love that you can knit a “quick” sweater. I’ve never learned to knit, but I want to. Something for my nervous hands to do.

    1. j meyers Post author

      I have that same problem…but I usually wait until November to decide it’s time to start (and then I don’t get as many handmade gifts done as I’d like, of course). The fingerless gloves are RIDICULOUSLY easy. I’d actually made a pair for me to keep my wrists warm (because carpal tunnel was hurting) and my 8 yo kept wearing them around. I finally asked if he’d like me to make a pair for him…which meant, of course, that I was making them for everyone. :-)

      And knitting’s great—I can be doing something (knitting) even when I’m doing nothing (watching a movie/soccer practice or game/etc). Of course, “quick” is relative when it comes to knitting. That sweater is so simple and quick, it could be finished in just a week or two. Of course, I’m especially inspired to finish it because I want to get started on a sweater for me before it gets too cold! ;-)

  3. Jessica Johnson

    I have a couple scarves and beanies that have been sitting unfinished for years…maybe i should pick them up again! lol :)