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Three Minutes of Beauty

Well, it’s done—the first draft, that is—and I’ve spent the week catching up at home, reading, reading, reading, and taking a little break before I jump into revisions. I LOVE revising and editing (I may have mentioned that before) and I’m excited to get going, but a little distance always helps. I come back to the book fresh, renewed, and ready to get back to work. I’m getting that distance this week.

During my writing break I came across this amazing time-lapse video. It’s three minutes of beauty—visually and musically. These are the skies over Spain’s hightest mountain, El Teide, as filmed by Terje Sorgjerd. He wrote that a sandstorm hit the Sahara Desert while he was there and it made it so he couldn’t see the Spanish skies with his own eyes later that day. He’d set up his camera and was sure what it was filming was ruined. But it wasn’t. It gave the sky a golden glow. That footage is at 0:32. I also love how the clouds look like waves just past the sandstorm part. Okay, really, the whole thing is just amazing. (Click on the YouTube icon below to read Sorgjerd’s notes on this video. It’s really interesting.)


So, who wants to go hiking in Spain? Have a great weekend, everyone!


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