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(More than Eleven) Questions

I vlogged! Gina, one of my Parenthetical partners over at Parenthetically on YouTube, tagged me in an 11 Questions game. So I’m playing. Except I answered more than eleven questions because Meg and Paul also came up with questions and I wanted to answer some of them too.  (Because once you get started…sometimes it’s hard to stop.)

Check it out!


Have a great week, everyone!


4 thoughts on “(More than Eleven) Questions

  1. Misty

    1st…. you are annoyingly cute. :)

    2nd…I freaking love this. I may have to do a questions vid too!

    High five!

    xoxo Misty

    1. j meyers Post author

      :D :D The questions were really fun to do. I think I’m going to have to do that again. (You totally should do it.)