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On Readings

I have no doubt that in the future, when I post pictures from a reading, it will be just one or two. But I’m a little excited about this one—it having been my first—and I have way too much to share with you.

*WARNING Will Robinson…LOTS of pictures in this post.* (If you get THAT reference, you are OLD.) (And if you know it really should be “Danger, Will Robinson” then you are an old geek, but I digress…)

The reading went fantastic, like seriously amazingly well. (How many adverbs can I use in one sentence? Some great writer is totally rolling over in his grave right now.) A great turnout, met a bunch of new fabulous people, sold some books and gave more away to be placed in four Vermont libraries. YAY! A success, I tell you. A SUCCESS!

So, I may have mentioned something above about pictures? Just a few…

First of all, this was on the door (inside and out).

Also? I learned a LOT. Like how many different faces I make when I’m talking/reading.



(Yeah, I wasn’t kidding about that.) It’s *possible* I get a little dramatic when I read. (I’m an actor by training. Once an actor, ALWAYS an actor.)

Over twenty people came, which was AMAZING. (Thank you, 20+ people!)

There were really delicious cookies (that I didn’t take a picture of) and an incredibly lovely librarian named Kat Redniss (who I DID take a picture of and whose name I consistently misread as Katniss every time we’ve emailed each other—and after meeting her? She IS Katniss.)

A total ROCK STAR librarian right here. Brownell Library, you are LUCKY.

And I got to meet a friend from Twitter, Paul Adams, which was a HUGE treat for me. (He’s a writer, too. You should totally check out his blog. And follow him on Twitter. He’s funny AND tweets hysterical illustrations of cows. The man is talented, I tell you.) Also? He’s a LOT taller than his avatar on Twitter would lead you to believe. (I’m 5′ 10″ and I look SHORT next to him. I swear, he’s like 7′ tall.) (Okay, I may be exaggerating. A little.) Makes me wish I lived in Vermont again so we could get together and talk writing.

Seriously, you guys. It went as well as I’d hoped it would go in my absolute wildest dreams, and maybe even a little bit better than that. I couldn’t have asked for a better first reading and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who came and everyone who wished me luck going into it (it helped!).

Have a fantastic weekend ahead, everyone!


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2 thoughts on “On Readings

  1. Sandra

    So glad your 1st reading was such a success! I had no doubt you would rise to the occasion and have fun with it. So glad the word is out in Vermont. Now watch out Finger Lakes!