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Giveaway Winner…aaaaand I’m off!

Before I do anything else, I wanted to say congrats to Sarabeth for winning the Iron Fey series giveaway! Send me your address, Sarabeth, and I’ll mail them out to you this week. I had so much fun holding the giveaway that I’m totally doing that again. I have a set of three books to go next and will put them up for the taking in a couple of weeks.

But first…I’m off to Vermont WAY too early tomorrow morning.

Vermonters: I’ll be at the Brownell Library in Essex Junction on Friday, July 6, at 3 pm for a reading and book signing.

Please come! There’ll be cookies or cake or something sweet (other than me, of course). And, you know, books too. Plus brilliant conversation. So you should totally come. (If for nothing else, come for the sweets!)  :-)

By the way, in case I failed to mention it, I’m off to Vermont in the morning and won’t be back until the weekend. ;-) Besides the reading, I just discovered last night that the Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon festival starts on July 6, so I think the kids and I will be up WAY too early again later this week so we can go see a spectacular sunrise launch. SO excited about that and the wonder that will be on my kids’ faces. (Seriously, if you’ve never stood in the middle of twenty to thirty hot air balloons filling up and taking off, you’ve totally missed out and should remedy that at the earliest possible opportunity.) This is just to say that I probably won’t reappear back in this space until next Monday. (And I’ll have pictures.)

Okay, my friends, there’s packing to do. LOTS of packing. (Yikes!) I hope you have a fantastic week!


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