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The Wrap-Up

1. This has been a WEEK. My brother John had surgery on his spine today that appears to have gone very well. They removed 80-90% of a couple of tumors that have been causing him a LOT of pain lately. He’s in a lot of pain post-op, so if you have some spare positive thoughts you could send his way, I know he could use them. I’m going to spend a bit of time tonight feeling very grateful for modern medicine. I’m an alternative healing method person for a lot of things, but there is a time and a place for modern medicine and this is definitely it.

2. We were lucky enough to spend good time with friends this week—meeting at a park with a new friend, going over to another friend’s house. There was archery involved at the latter and my kids were SO excited about that. Even the littlest gave it a try and she was totally thrilled to get a turn. My boys have been fascinated with archery for the past year (at least) and were over the moon to discover that we had friends armed with REAL bows and REAL arrows. Previously the only thing they’d had to shoot with was sticks they’d tied elastic string to. So there were huge smiles all around (and a wee bit of frustration at the learning curve, but we got through that pretty well). Sigh. Friends are the best, you know?

3. I went to the library and lost my head, coming home with 4 fantastic-looking books that I should not be taking the time to read right now because I have an outline that MUST be finished and a book to start writing. But I cannot resist a good book. EVER. I was scouring the YA shelves (because, you know, I love YA lit) and spotted Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. I’d heard great things about it last year, but hadn’t seen it in my library. So I picked it up with the full intention of not taking it this time because it wasn’t really what I wanted to read right now, but I had to pick it up because it has the most beautiful cover. Then I made the mistake of flipping it open, reading a few lines, and I got totally sucked in. I started  it as soon as we got home, and honestly I couldn’t put it down. It’s an incredible book that I highly recommend, though it’s a tough subject. The main character is anorexic and cuts herself. As with most (if not all) YA books, it ends with hope for the future, but still. It’s painful at times and absolutely gripping.

4. My area library book sale starts this Saturday, and it’s HUGE. It’s like bibliophile HEAVEN, and I’m a total bibliophile so I’m going to *be* in heaven. You know I’m going to be standing in line before the doors open (as I do every time). Sigh. I *love* my library book sale. (I may have mentioned that here.) I come home with a pile of new-to-us books and I don’t see my kids for the rest of the day (and not because my nose is buried in a book but because theirs are). (I love that.) I think I’m going to be armed with two kids when I go, which is great for two reasons. 1) I don’t have to remember which books they already have—they know it very well themselves, and 2) there’s a 50 books *per person* limit on the first day. So I’ll actually be able to buy 150 books if I want with three of us there. :D :D  (Don’t tell Steve or he won’t let me take the children with me.)

That’s it for me. Now back to the outline! Hope you have a GREAT weekend (and I hope yours will be as filled with books as mine will be).


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2 thoughts on “The Wrap-Up

  1. Suzanne

    I read Wintergirls a few years ago and had a tough time getting through it. Not because it wasn’t good (it was very good) but because the subject matter is so tough and some of it hit close to home. Sometimes having a hard time finishing a book means that’s written almost TOO well, y’know?

    Glad you were able to spend time with awesome friends this week. Nothing bonds people together quite like archery. Even amateur archery. And I really hope your brother continues to improve. I hope once all of the post-op pain is over, the surgery will afford him some much deserved relief. :)

    1. j meyers Post author

      I’ve definitely had books like that. They were so well done but it was a disturbing topic for me and I just couldn’t make it through.

      Thanks for the brotherly well-wishes. He’s back home and doing really well. He’s really upbeat, always has been, and I’ve no doubt that’s why he’s still here. :-)