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Learning something new

It’s really true, what they say—you really *do* learn something new every day. Wanna know what I learned today? How to un-dislocate an elbow. (The formerly dislocated elbow belongs to the youngest of the littles here, and our doc thought it wise to teach us how to fix it.) (Because it’s likely to happen again.) (Because, you know, she does have three older brothers.) Good times. I will say it’s quite wonderful to see her using her arm again, after seeing it hang by her side all afternoon. I’ve scooped her up several times in simple joy at seeing her arm feeling just fine. (It’s the little things. It really, really is.)

So, I’m just popping in. I have nothing earth shattering to tell you today. But I spent the weekend focusing my mind on goals for the coming year. It always feels to good to me to do that, and I find it really helps me fine tune what’s truly important in my life, what I *really* want, deep down. (I do keep in mind another old adage—Be careful what you wish for—while I’m doing it. You know, it just seems wise.) Finding my focus every year like this also helps me make my dreams a reality. It’s incredibly powerful, I have to say. (And I speak from experience.)

Do you do things like this? Do you work to manifest your desires/wants/needs?

And do you want to see something way cool? Time lapse photos of stars from the Nevada skies. These are still photos combined to make amazing star trails. Seriously cool.


Hope your week is starting out great (and doesn’t involve learning how to un-dislocate anything at all). :-)


4 thoughts on “Learning something new

  1. Katrina

    Owowowowowow! I did that and it required sedatives, flexible baby arms are good, i guess. I don’t think I could have done it without passing out, nicely done.

    1. j meyers Post author

      Yes, apparently baby elbows get dislocated quite easily (though she is the first in our family to have this happen—wonder if it has anything to do with having older brothers…), and pop back into place easily too. Thank goodness for the latter. She was moving it again within minutes, which was such a relief!

  2. Suzanne

    I have 3 boys and could not imagine how a little girl would fit in in our mad house lol. The poor little thing. She will be a toughie, growing up with all the boys :)

    1. j meyers Post author

      She *will* be tough because she almost always wants to be right in the thick of things. And when she’s older, she also won’t take any boy’s crap after growing up with three of them, and I *love* that. :-)