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Jump In

So, you know that feeling you get when you’re about to do something that seems scary, but you’re trying to talk yourself into doing it? Something you’ve never done before or maybe something that always feels scary no matter how many times you do it, like public speaking or performing, or, if you’re an introvert like me, having to socialize with a group of strangers. You know that feeling, right? Your breaths come short and quick—you try to slow them down but it doesn’t help much—you tell yourself you can do it even though the butterflies in your stomach are desperately trying to find a way out so they don’t have to go through it with you.

Do you know how it feels on the other side, once you’ve done it? Maybe kinda like this.


Life is short.  Do it. Jump in. (Trust me, the water’s just fine.) :-)

Hope you’re having a great week, everyone!


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4 thoughts on “Jump In

  1. kindlemom1

    I know this feeling well and I agree, it is hard, change is hard, but sometimes it is worth it to just take a chance and jump in head first or at least stick a toe in a test the waters a little.

    1. j meyers Post author

      And sometimes the anticipation kills you, and it ends up being a lot better than you thought it would be once you’ve taken the leap.

    1. j meyers Post author

      Oh, I know! I was all jittery listening to her talk herself into just doing it and feeling nervous looking down that long slope. And then exhilarated right along with her after she did it! (And my kids wanted to watch it over and over again.)