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These Days

These days I am . . .

* scheming Book Two, and getting really excited about it.

* awaiting (impatiently) research books (for elements of Book Two) to come in the mail and to arrive at my local library from area branches. So I’m spending my time . . .

* mending (finally) lots of kid jeans that have needed to be mended/patched for months. (And feeling very accomplished with each pair I complete.)

* discovering, thanks to all the mending, that I can no longer thread a needle without glasses. (And feeling like I’m too young for that to be true!)

* itching to de-clutter my house in a very BIG way. (Hello, yard sale!) And getting started on it while I wait for those research books.

* feeling Spring in every breath, every thought, every moment of my days. (But trying to remember that it’s only March and Spring may not be here to stay. Yet.)

* loving the almost-daily walks I’m taking with my kids, getting out, getting some exercise, spending time playing with lovely neighbors.

* enjoying black raspberries, in muffins and pie, picked from bushes in our yard last summer. Wondering how we’ll ever get through them all before the berries are back in season. (And already pining for a chest freezer again, even before the growing season begins.)

* feeling truly blessed in so many ways.


What are you doing these days?


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