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Good Health and a Post Script of Insanity

So I’ve been  going in about seven different directions this week, and things finally feel as if they’re settling down. Perhaps that’s because I got some good health news today. I’m not going to go into details, but I’ll just say WHEW. In a big way. Feeling pretty darn light and happy now, I can tell you. :-)

Speaking of health, I saw a very interesting video today that has me really looking more askance at processed food than I already did. When it comes to digestion, there’s a big difference between what happens to processed food and what happens to made-from-scratch and whole foods. It’s the difference between food that was made to be eaten and food that was made to sit on a shelf for months.



Would you be surprised by the fact that many ingredients in processed foods comes from petro chemicals, aka oil?  Also? TBHQ, a preservative in many processed foods (like crackers, cookies, frozen prepared foods, and a LOT of fast food, etc.), comes from petroleum and is related to butane. Mmmm. Yummy. (Is it just me or does that totally turn you off from processed foods as well?) (Pardon me while I go get an apple.)


In totally unrelated news, I got my first proof of Intangible. (I say first because there is soon to be a second one coming my way.) It’s gorgeous and amazing to hold my book in my hand. Wow! And…it’s the *wrong* size. (My mistake, not the printer’s.) So I’ve gone back and resized the pages, redesigned the cover to the right size, and I’m hoping to get that proof early next week, check it over, proclaim it to be perfection itself, and put it up on Amazon. (Fingers crossed that all will go as planned.)

In the meantime, I hope you have a deliriously delightful weekend. (And don’t forget to eat your fruits and veggies.)

P.S. Have you seen the fish there in the sidebar on the right? Can I tell you that every time I come here to check comments, update info, or write a new post, I *always* spend a few moments feeding them. I can’t help it. They follow my mouse around the screen and are so cute and swishy that I simply cannot stop myself from clicking some food onto the screen for them. (It’s a sickness, I tell you. Insane.) (But, um, when you’re here? Would you please feed them? They seem very hungry.)


2 thoughts on “Good Health and a Post Script of Insanity

  1. Suzanne

    I’m glad health stuff is all *whew!*

    I have a few writerly questions about Intangible… mostly I’m wondering how much of it you drew from real life.

    I’m in rewrites still… and I fed your fish.

    1. j meyers Post author

      Yes, big whew! *wipes a LOT of sweat from brow*

      I guess as to how much was from real life–I’d say “some.” In that Sera’s healing power is inspired by a real energy healing therapy called Reiki, which I learned how to do years ago. (It’s not *quite* as effective as Sera’s power, however.) Other than that, Burlington, VT is real :-) and I grew up outside of Burlington, so I know the area well. All the places mentioned in VT are real (Muddy Waters, the streets, the Bat Cave, etc.).

      Oh, and elves are real. ;-) (Uh, well, okay maybe not.)

      I want more chapters! (And I’d like to read it all before I offer my suggestions, if that’s okay.) Can’t wait for more. Rewrite faster!

      (And the fish thank you. Or, well, they would if they could talk. And were real. But, really, they almost seemed less hungry just now when I was feeding them. Again.)