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Overheard & Goodreads Giveaway

This is an actual phone conversation I had the other day.

Nielson ratings guy: Congratulations! Your house has been chosen to participate in our survey this year.
Me: We don’t actually have television programming.
Guy: You don’t have a TV?
Me: We have a TV, we don’t get any programming.
Guy: That’s okay. You can still be a part of the survey. Now, some people use DVR to record their favorite programs and then watch them at a later time. Do you use DVR?
Me: Um, no. There’s nothing to record because we don’t have TV programming.
Guy: Okay. Well, when you get your survey in the mail, just spend a week writing down when you watch something. If there’s a day you don’t watch anything, just leave it blank.
Me: Yeah, it’ll all be blank because we don’t have TV.
Guy: Okay! We’ll give you a courtesy call to make sure you get your survey! Thank you for participating!

In other news, it was such a gorgeous spring day today (52 degrees F in NY state) that it made me wonder if Puxsutawney Phil’s prediction this year was 6 more *hours* of winter. We went for a walk on this spring-like day and played outside at a neighbor’s house for a while. It was lovely to be outside, but weird. It’s just too warm. February in the Northeast is not supposed to be like this.

Oh! And I wanted to let you know about a giveaway I’m hosting over on Goodreads. (I love Goodreads. Have I told you how much I love Goodreads? It’s the best place to go talk books with people.) I’m giving away 5 paperback copies of Intangible. There’s a sign up button to the right in the sidebar here on the blog, one on my Giveaways page, or you can follow this link here to go sign up.

And, so, you know. Go. Sign up. And then be a dear and please pass it on. :-)

Hope your week is starting out great!