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Oh my.

I’ve been working on changing this site all day long. As in for the last 12 hours. I have a very strong appreciation now for people who design websites. (Of course, I’m sure it doesn’t take them nearly as long as it’s taken me. There was a LOT of trial and error, I can tell you. More error than anything else. *sigh*) But I’m mostly happy with what I have at the moment. (That’s no guarantee that it won’t change over the next few weeks. Because that’s just the way I am.)

But for the moment a few more tweaks is all I’m going to commit to.




2 thoughts on “Oh my.

    1. j meyers Post author

      Aw, Cate. You have such a knack for making me smile. Thanks! I’m mostly happy with it. But I think it needs a better banner. Something to work on in the next few days. :-) I do have to say that I *love* having everything all together here. It’s nice to not be split between two sites–the blog and the website.