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Beginnings and Endings

So, I’m reworking the ending at the moment, trying to figure out the best way to leave it. You know, people always talk about how important the beginning of a book is and how much work it gets since it’s (usually) the first thing you write, it’s gets the most scrutiny and edits just for the fact that it’s been sitting around the longest. Also it is vital that it immediately suck people into the story, grab-a-hold-and-never-let-go sort of thing. If it doesn’t do that, then no one’s reading your book.

So it makes sense, this focus on the beginning.

But there’s not much talk about endings, and I’m finding that I am poring over the ending just like I did the beginning, trying to get it just right, the perfect mix of tying up loose ends as well as planting a few ideas of what might happen in the future. I thought I’d had it done just right, but this last week has me changing things around, seeing if I can cut aspects of the scene or add others in without it all feeling crammed. I’ve spent hours just *thinking* about the chapter, trying to figure out the best order, who to have in it, who should be a part of the very last scene. In all reality, I think I’ve already spent more time on this chapter than on any other, including chapter 1. And I’m not done yet. (Hopefully today.) (Fingers crossed.)

Hope you’re having a great week! (Oh, and if you have any control over the weather, please send snow.)

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