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Just This.

I was trying not to say anything about this because, you know, it’s so abominable the apathy and horrendous lack of human decency displayed by those in the know. It’s not like anything positive can be said, and I like to keep stuff on this blog positive. But I have young boys the same age as those Sandusky raped, abused, and scarred for life. And I cannot fathom how anyone could not stop a rape—of a child, no less—if they walked in on it, nor report it to police.

There is NO ONE on this Earth that I think so highly of that I could turn a blind eye to raping a child. No one.

2 thoughts on “Just This.

  1. Sandra

    My 9yo boy heard a news report on the radio on the way home from soccer practice. His Dad did a great job explaining, in a way an innocent 9yo can understand (like teaspoon-fulls of info, not buckets so it doesn’t become overwhelming and scary) Dad used it as a teaching moment about inappropriate touching, trust, speaking up — for yourself and others, and being clear about what you know is right and wrong.

    I can only hope that because these rapes are so horrendous and getting so much publicity that there will be a whole generation of boys and girls that will be much better informed and much more able to speak up. And with that we can eradicate the abuse and break the cycle of the abused abusing. Something good has to come of this!

    1. j meyers Post author

      And I would hope that there will be much fewer people who take their unrealistic (and often ridiculous) adoration of mere human beings with a grain of salt, and hold them responsible if/when they behave inappropriately in any manner. That’s what really gets me—is that they put an adult’s reputation above the safety, health, and well-being of a child (which of course led to more children being harmed).

      I mean really, it makes me believe if they’d all been in a sinking boat, they would have put the coaches in the life boat and left the children to drown. In reality, that’s exactly what they did.