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“I have never been so excited about pee.”

So, I just said that to my mom on the phone just now. She called me from the ICU where she’s been since the wee hours of Sunday morning because she got a new kidney two days ago.

And it’s working. (The new kidney.) You guys! It’s working! I have literally never been this excited about pee before. In fact, I got a little choked up when she told me. Really. About pee.

She’d called me on Saturday from the hospital, while they were prepping her (which took hours, so it’s not like she called me in the midst of a medical whirlwind) to tell me the news.
Mom: Well, I have some bad news. I’m not going to be able to have my knee surgery on Wednesday.
Me: Why not?
Mom: Because I’m getting a kidney tonight.
Me: {can’t talk because I’m crying}
Mom: You still there?
Me: Yes. God, this just screws everything up.
Mom: Isn’t that the truth.

I cried again after I said goodbye and hung up, knowing she was going into surgery, worrying about that, and so overwhelmed with relief that she finally had a kidney. She’s been in kidney failure for a couple of years, just started dialysis this summer (which made her feel like a failure). (I know! She’s crazy.) And she wasn’t expecting to be at the top of the recipient list for another year.

But they called her at noon on Saturday to ask if she wanted this kidney that several people had already turned down. (I’m not kidding.) Ummm, YES.


Can I tell you how incredible that is? How incredible organ donors are? This weekend someone’s family was overwhelmed with sadness. And my family has been overcome with joy.

You, guys. My mom got a new kidney this weekend!

What did you do? ;-)

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6 thoughts on ““I have never been so excited about pee.”

    1. j meyers Post author

      Yup. He’s still floating! He said he’s never been this excited about anything. (Though Mom questioned him about their wedding day and I said something about the birth of his children.)