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My mind is steeped in formatting, finalizing, figuring out how to spread the word about the books, all while anxiously awaiting feedback about INTUITION from beta readers so I can get it up and out this week. That is turning out to take a lot of other planning since I make promises at the end of the short story that I have to fulfill or I’m going to make people rather unhappy with me (which would be the exact opposite effect of what I’m going for).

What am I promising? Several free chapters of INTANGIBLE. Honestly, I think it’ll be the first ten chapters, which is a little over 80 pages long. (Steve’s eyes just bugged out when I told him that.) BUT, if I’m going to post it for people to find who’ve picked up INTUITION, liked it, read the included preview of INTANGIBLE (which is chapter one), and come here looking for the free preview of the book, then I have some serious inputting of edits to do to get the first 80+ pages ready for show here.

So. There’s a wee bit more work involved than just polishing INTUITION and getting the file prettied up for uploading online. (I will be honest and tell you that I’m having way too much geek-laden fun figuring out html and making the format rock for Kindle and Nook. Seriously.)

Of course, at the same time, the weather’s getting cooler and my fingers are itching to pick up the knitting needles (and if they weren’t glued to the computer keyboard that’s what they’d be doing, carpal tunnel be damned). Torin suddenly wants to knit a pair of mittens, so I’m going to be knitting vicariously through him for a while. (Of course it won’t be entirely vicarious as he will require some help. Which will hopefully satisfy my inner urge to knit until after I get the book done and up for sale.)

It’s the season, I tell you. This is what fall and winter inspire in me: knitting and making/eating homemade soup. Oh, and sitting by the fire as much as possible once it gets cold. (Thank goodness I have a laptop.)

What’s the cool weather inspiring in you?

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