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Okay. So how many covers can I ask you to vote on in one week? Yes, I’m afraid, it’s true. There are more book covers below. I know. But it was just so much fun seeing which cover you all liked best, that I simply can’t help myself. And this is for a different story, so it’s totally legitimate for me to ask again. Right? It’s not like I’m waffling on the design for INTANGIBLE, asking you over and over again about the same dang book. I wouldn’t do something like that. (At least not publicly.) (And, uh, it just *might* be that I can’t make a decision and wish to be swayed by the masses. Maybe.)

So, I’ve written a companion short story to INTANGIBLE which I’ll be “selling” for free on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, offering a PDF download from my website, and posting it as a page here, too. (It’s going to be everywhere!) It’s the full story of an event that is mentioned just in passing in the novel, so same characters, same premise. It will serve to introduce readers to the idea and hopefully inspire people to find and buy the book. Brilliant plan, right? Wish I could say it was my idea, but it’s not. Still. Totally brilliant.

Anyway, I just designed the cover, but can’t decide between two color schemes. Help me out?

Here they are.

Cover 1

Cover 2

There are things I like about both colorings, so I’m stuck. How about another poll? (That seems the easiest way, don’t you think?) So, if you wouldn’t mind chiming in, let me know which one you like better, and if you have more to say about why you like it or don’t, please feel free to say all that in the comments section.


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